Bishop Allen going “Dimmer”

Brooklyn by way of Boston, Bishop Allen is a quartet named after the street in Cambridge MA were the two founding members, Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, started writing songs. And like any hip young band on the East Coast, they relocated to Brooklyn. “Dimmer” is the opening track from the 2009 album Grrr… and is everything indie rock represents: sweat lyrics, soft acoustics, and hipster accessible.

Dimmer (play/download mp3)

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Lost Lander, “Cold Feet”

Lost Lander is a project founded by songwriter Matt Sheehy. Sheehy began work on a new album with Pacific Northwest producer Brent Knopf. The result is DRRT, a pop leaning album full of shiny synths and bombastic drums.

Lost Lander
“Cold Feet” (download mp3)
from “DRRT”
(Glad I Did Recordings)
Cold Feet” (play)


Dinosaur Jr, “I Want You To Know”

2009 saw the release of the first Dinosaur Jr. album in 4 years titled: Farm. Like most songs off Farm, “I Want You To Know” draws on the original Dinosaur Jr. sound – distorted vocals, melodic guitar solos, and heartfelt lyrics. It’s easy to see why in the 80’s Dinosaur Jr. was one of the bands that built the alt-rock stage, influencing alt-rock giants like Pearl Jam.

I Want You To Know (play/download)

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Sick Figures, “Graveyard Swagger”

Sick Figures, who are signed to Stick Figure records, are recording songs that conceptually are leaps ahead of most bands. Sick Figures maintains their raucous, saloonish type of rock and roll, a sound that translates into a fun loving debauchery that is had buy all. Listen to their latest album, Two Ghost here.

Graveyard Swagger (play/download mp3)

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Low Red Land, “Better Angels”

Low Red Land are no longer a band. The broke up to “pursue other endeavors.” It happens to all bands except U2 and Phish. No matter if LRL are together or not, their sonic output will remain with us, hopefully forever. Start or add to your Low Red land archive with, “Better Angels.” Fans of pop music disguised as indie rock shall rejoice. Fans of great song writing shall too rejoice.

Better Angels (play/download mp3)

The Gallows, “Rolling With The Punches”

Inspired by the early 80s US hardcore and 90s Swedish hardcore bands such as Refused, the metal riffs of Mastodon and the discordance of key underground bands such as Swing Kids, and JR Ewing, Gallows’ premiere goal was to wrestle punk back from the fashion police. “Rolling With The Punches” if off The Gallows break through first album, Orchestra of Wolves.

Rolling With The Punches (play/download mp3)

Rich Boy [ft. 607], “Drop (Remix)”

Rich Boy broke out after having huge success with his first single “Throw Some Ds.” Eventually people stopped singing the hook in their cars, and the remixes stopped showing up on every other blog. And when you are signed to a major label all they want is your next hit. Well, Rich Boy decided to flip the script and lace us with one of my favorite singles of 2009, “Drop.” This is hip-hop at it’s finest, the booming kick drum and vocal sample will have your head nodding and the lyrics are as clever as it gets.

“Drop” (play/download mp3)

Fol Chen, “The Believers”

San Francisco’s Fol Chen is going to be famous, well, around The Bay Area or in Japan at least. Look for these guys playing the Treasure Island Music fest’ soon. “The Believers” is off their first album, Part I: John Shade, You’re Fortune’s Made. It’s refreshing to hear indie music that turns its back on mediocre song writing.

The Believers (play/download mp3)