Linda Brady, “Fear Of Rejection”

Linda Brady, you’re a woman who understands. “Fear Of Rejection” says it all. Everybody has been there, it took you to write a song about it, and all must check it out.

Linda Brady
“Fear of Rejection” (download mp3)
from “Linda Brady”
(S.O.B. Entertainment)
Fear Of Rejection (play)


Los Tiki Phantoms, “El Hombre Gamba”

If you want me to talk about my love for guitar instrumentals, prepare to listen for a long time. Or you can simply listen to this week’s MP3 Jackpot winner, “El Hombre Gamba” by Los Tiki Phantoms. These guys know some guitar.

Los Tiki Phantoms
“El Hombre Gamba” (download mp3)
from “Mueven el Esqueleto”
(BCore Disc)
“El Hombre Gamba” (play)
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Smoking Popes, “Wish We Were”

I’m truly a sucker for unrequited love and guitars. This week’s MP3 Jackpot winner “Wish We Were”  by the Smoking Popes is just that. So grab one solid pop song done well.

Smoking Popes
“Wish We Were” (download mp3)
from “This Is Only a Test”
(Asian Man Records)
“Wish We Were” (play)

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The Versionaries, “Kakhooved”

There’s so much gr8 Dub, and here’s some more. This week’s winner of the  MP3 Jackpot is “Kakhooved” by the Visionaries. This instrumental is so authentic — it’s the essence of Dub.

The Versionaries
“Kakhooved” (download mp3)
from “Sounds Sane”
“Kakhooved” (play)

More Dub ‘Pon The Album

The Idle Hands, “Socialite Death Squad”

Socialite Death Squad” is this week’s winner of the MP3 Jackpot. This MP3 from the pride of Minneapolis, The Idle Hands, takes musical whining to a new level. I just love a song that reeks with attitude.

The Idle Hands
“Socialite Death Squad” (download mp3)
from “Life is Beautiful”
(Pretty Kids Collective)
“Socialite Death Squad” (play)

More On This Album

The Aztext & Touchphonics “I Make Records”

This week’s winner of the MP3 Jackpot is autobiographical, ” I Make Records.” This marvelous MP3 speaks for its self. Aztext & Touchphonics done good – winner!

The Aztext, Touchphonics
“I Make Records” (download mp3)
from “Who Cares If We’re Dope? Vol.2”
(Elevated Press Records)
I Make Records (play)

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White Fang “PARTY BAND”

PARTY BAND” is the kind of music you can only marvel at.  That alone makes White Fang’s MP3 this week’s winner of the MP3 Jackpot.  You shouldn’t miss these wonderful lunatics performing “Portland Sucks” as well. It reaffirms faith in one’s own sanity.

White Fang
“PARTY BAND” (download mp3)
from “YOUNGER”
(Marriage Records)
“Party Band” (play)

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FreQ Nasty “Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit)”

FreQ Nasty’s name alone is good enough to win the MP3 Jackpot, and his song “Dread At The Controls” is just that, a Winner! Check him out when the ‘Monsters of Bass’ comes to your town.

FreQ Nasty
“Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit)” (download mp3)
from “Dread At The Controls”
(Muti Music)
“Dread At The Controls (Radio Edit) (play)

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The Bewitched Hands “Work”

Finally a French MP3 Jackpot winner! The Bewitched Hands are wonderful indie pop rock band has won the Jackpot this week with their song “Work” from this year’s SXSW Sampler.

The Bewitched Hands
“Work” (download mp3)
from “IODA SXSW Opening Day Bash Sampler 2011”
“Work” (play)

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