Governator Arnold Calls Gateway

One of the first “sound board” crank call recordings to hit the Internets, and probably still the funniest, This mp3 features the unmistakable voice of bodybuilder, action movie star, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calling Gateway Computers for some help.  Gateway should give dear Cassie a medal for her professionalism, as she maintains composure under a barrage of meticulously timed Ah-nold samples from Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, Total Recall and other popcorn flicks. As silly as this is, it’s inspired art! Now stop whining.

Arnold Calls Gateway (play/download mp3)

The Troggs make a bloody Number One!

Ah, the unspeakably funny and cringe-worthy Troggs tape. The gr8est fly on the wall document of a band melting down ever recorded. Often cited as the inspiration behind Spinal Tap, this mp3 oozes absurdity and dysfunction. There’s a fine moment, when you hear the guitar player doing his part, and someone shouts “YEAH!” in the talk-back mic, the guitarist continues playing EXACTLY the same part, and the voice comes in again with “NO!” Shortly thereafter there is a sort of cackle, the unmistakable croak of a grown man cracking. Sickly pleasurable. They may not have gotten their number one out of this, but they sure have entertained millions of people with this unintended meme. For the band that did “Wild Thing,” tis an inglorious end. For the advanced class, try the Infamous Troggs Tapes Megamix.

The Infamous Troggs Tapes (play/download mp3)

Introducing, SuperFan2010!

So yeah, I went and did it, couldn’t leave all you lovely music lovers in the lurch, and I hafta post more gr8 music, so you this year you can find me @! I will leave up, as it is entertaining a lot of happy visitors, and there will never be a time when the music discoveries I’ve posted here lose their lustre. To the contrary, gr8 music only sounds better with age, and the longer these posts are up, the more people will have the opportunity to discover and enjoy them. And that’s my mission here, with this labor of love! Here’s to a gr8 year of music and fun. xo

Marvelous Darlings, simply Marvelous

The Marvelous Darlings‘ single “I Dont Wanna Go To The Party” rocks for two minutes and thirty seconds in a rush of pure and I mean PURE punk pop abandon. Very favorable comparison to Ramones, Clash, Cheap Trick and The Knack. Full on power pop angst-bliss! I love it I love it.

The Marvelous Darlings
“I dont wanna go to the party” (mp3)
from “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party”
(Deranged Records)
I Don't Wanna Go To The Party (play)

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Ultimate Fakebook Wrestling

Ultimate Fakebook – “Wrestling Leap Year”

Ah, sweet power pop. Here we have some well crafted guitar chord bashing and vocal hooks that owe as much to Nirvana as to Cheap Trick. Ultimate Fakebook made a lot of noise for a three piece band from Manhattan, Kansas operating during the darkest days of the music industry. Here’s another neglected gem. In 2009 I have found and posted a bunch of ’em here. Have a surf around, it beats the heck outta the your local corporate poo radio station, I guarantee you that much. But wait, Dorothy, there’s a Manhattan in Kansas? Now we know.

Ultimate Fakebook
“Wrestling Leap Year” (mp3)
from “Open Up and Say Awesome”
(Initial Records)

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Punk Pop A Lula, She’s My Doppleganger

Utterly bratty kick-butt garage punk from Be My Doppleganger, outta Evansville, Indiana – a gritty, rockin’ four piece pop punk outfit with an affinity for Cheap Trick and The Descendents. “I Need a Ride” is an outburst of guitars, hormone fueled teen angst, and self deprecating humor. Gr8 fun!

Be My Doppelganger
“I Need a Ride” (download mp3)
from “Protect 2: A Benefit for the National Association to Protect Children”
(Geykido Comet Records)
I Need a Ride (play)

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Que viva el Spider Bags!

Excellent, trashy indie rock with a waltz beat from North Carolina’s own Spider Bags. This recording sounds as unpretentious and natural as a few guys bursting into song at a bar, but it’s also meticulously arranged and well performed. I love the talky-singy approach here, and the lyrics are superb. It’s a perfect marriage of professionalism and reckless abandon. And the chorus is glorious.

Spider Bags
“Que viva el rocanroll” (download mp3)
from “Goodbye Cruel World, Hello Crueler World”
(Birdman Records)
Que viva el Rocanroll (play)

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Mikey Dread smokes a “Pound a Weed”

There can be little doubt what his Mikeyness is talking about here. Backed by fab cartoon sound effects, a tight roots dancehall groove, and lush, blissful female harmony vocals, the gr8 Mikey Dread kicks some herbal wisdom for four minutes and twenty seconds. Well, actually it’s 3:22 but one does lose track of time, doesn’t one? An impeccably produced track with a lot of joy and humor. Smoke this mp3.

Mikey Dread
“Pound a Weed” (download mp3)
from “Life is a Stage”
(Dread at the Controls)
Pound a Weed” (play)

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Merry Christmas from SuperFan!

The Choir of Durham Cathedral – “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

Here’s a lovely choral rendition of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” by The Choir of Durham Cathedral in Durham, England. A little traditional for me? Well, I am full of surprises. And I hope your holiday is, too! Merry Christmas everyone.

The choir of Durham cathedral
“O Come, All Ye Faithful” (mp3)
from “A Festival of Carols- Music of Christmas from the cathedrals of England”
(Classic Fox Records)

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