Miss Kitten & The Hacker, “1982”

Miss Kitten and the Hacker’s “1982” may be a reference to the early days of techno, before it exploded on the European dance scene and the music and culture launched stars like Miss Kitten and her long-time collaborator The Hacker. “1982” helped springboard the electro-euro-pop scene in Europe and throughout the world.

1982 (play/download mp3)

Mikey Murka, “Sensi Addict”

Mikey Murka blesses the Mic on this release from German digital reggae crew Jahtari. The concept behind Jahtari is simple: they create DUB but with laptops. The result is what they call: Digital Laptop Reggae (DLR). Since 2004 this group has worked with MCs in Europe and all over the world. “Sensi Addict” showcases how proper digital rhythms works with traditional island-vocal stylings.

Sensi Addict (play/download mp3)

Andy Votel, “Return Of The Spooky Driver”

Andy Votel is pure genius! Not only is he the co-founder of the super cool Manchester record label Twisted Nerve Records, but he is a brilliant producer and a great musician! ”Return of The Spooky Driver” is a mad-psychedelic trip into the mind of Gaston Leroux (Phantom of the Opera), or even a track form the Clockwork Orange soundtrack. With a sample of Primal Scream’s anthem ”Kill All Hippies” it’s a well rounded track with heaps of indie credibility!

Return Of The Spooky Driver (play/download mp3)

OK Go, “Here Comes the Fire”

OK Go always seem to come up with the catchiest hooks that accentuate their longing-pop melodies and noisy-guitar tones, all placed over a steady rockin’ beat. The energetic chorus of “Here Comes the Fire” stays in your head long after the song’s final over-charged note. In other words: The perfect pop song.

“Here Comes the Fire” (download mp3)
from “adidas / MLS Represent – Rock The Pitch”
Here Comes the Fire (play)
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