The Copyrights’ New Single “Crutches” Rocks

I love that there’s a punk pop band called The Copyrights. And with such titles as “Grown Folks Business” and “Shit’s Fucked,” these Chicago lads do right by their name. “Crutches” is their brand spanking new single, and it rocks. Two minutes and some seconds of angsty buzzpop bliss.

The Copyrights
“Crutches” (download mp3)
from “Crutches – Single”
(Red Scare)
“Crutches” (play)
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Bringing Chronic Disorder to “The Drums of War”

Continuing my Posh Boy kick because why not! Glad to see their stuff on IODA, such a great label. Here’s Chronic Disorder from Tacoma, Washington with an epic wail about a classic old theme: old men sending young men to war. Sounding like a collision of U2 and The Doors on this track, these disorderly lads have serious musical and vocal talent, and they play together seamlessly like veterans. Such a hardcore sounding name – Chronic Disorder – but their sound is actually very accessible and even a bit power-pop. I like, I like.

The Drums of WarChronic Disorder
“The Drums of War” (download mp3)
from “The Drums of War”
(Posh Boy Music)
“The Drums Of War” (play)
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Pariah Goes On After The End

I am glad to find Pariah on the Interwasteland. In the early 80’s when they started playing in Martinez, the Uptones were starting up a few freeway exits down in Berkeley. I saw a lot of hardcore bands at that time, and these guys were one of my faves. Check this song out, it’s great.

“After The End” (download mp3)
from “Youths of Age (Expanded Version)”
(Posh Boy Music)
“After The End” (play)
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Channel 3 Takes Their Chances Anyway

Here’s a classic piece of 80’s hardcore punk from Channel 3. CH3 was a bit more melodic than a lot of their contemporaries in that scene, but no less raging. I used to hear this on KALX. Always really liked this track, glad to find this and a lot of other 80’s punk classics from the awesome Posh Boy label, now up in the Intertubes.

Channel 3
“I’ll Take My Chances” (download mp3)
from “The Skinhead Years”
(Posh Boy Music)
“I’ll Take My Chances” (play)

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Back from thee Blog Dead! Spread out and Scatter.

Ever had Blog-freeze? It’s a condition where you don’t post for a long time, and then the burden of not posting mounts, and then you ignore it. Lucky for me, my last post was Wesley Willis’ “Cut The “Mullet” which is superior to all other pieces of information. So what’ll I post now, that I’m back to pick up where the mullet left off? A wicked piece of dancehall-crashing electro-mashing spread out and scattering from DJ’s Krushed and Sorted, of course. Begin.

Krushed and Sorted – “Scatter” (play/download)

Best. Haircut Song. Evar. EVARR!!!!!

A friend recently posted Wesley Willis’ “Rock And Roll Macdonalds” on FB, and I was thrown into one of my occasional Wesley Willis Total Joyride Spasms. All of his songs are great, and this is one of my faves.

Wesley Willis – “Cut The Mullet” (play/download)

Check out many many of Wesley Willis’ genius songs, at Alternative Tentacles. Your life will suddenly improve.

Catching The Jesus Fever With Kurt Vile

12:00 PM: Pleased to learn there is an artist called Kurt Vile.
I suppose I’ll have to listen to him now.

12:02 PM: Praise be, he has a song called Jesus Fever.

12:15 PM: Approval

Very purty lil’ song. I was half expecting something more outrageous for that title, but it’s a nice folky rocky toe tappin cat nappin ditty. Favorable echoes of early Smiths and REM and Catherine Wheel kinda bidniz. Sooooothing. Goes nicely with this early spring late winter weird schizophrenic foggy drizzly weather we’re having in Oaklandia. Band name intrigue leads to swell new music discovery. Life is good.

Kurt Vile – “Jesus Fever” mp3 (play/download)

Smoke Ring For My Halo album avail direct from Matador.

Gram Rabbit’s Horse Haz Dirty Mind

Enter the seethingly sexy and calamitously cool dreamworld of Gram Rabbit. They are great in every little way, and she wears bunny ears well. A friend turned me on to this band a coupla years ago, and this just came up in random play on the old iThingy, inspiring this fawning post. Fawn. Post.

Gram Rabbit – “Dirty Horse” mp3 (play/download)

From their “Music To Start a Cult To” album, available from Amazon.