Noah And The MegaFauna Make Me Moan All Night

I favor song titles that make you have to listen. “Moan All Night” for example. Either a sexy all night sex song, or a doom-ridden introspective flu nightmare. It’s somewhere in between, as it turns out. Tom Waits meets a renegade troupe of gypsies on the outskirts of reality, where they drink absinthe and slowly suck each others’ fingers. I’m pretty sure.

Noah And The MegaFauna
“Moan All Night”
(download mp3)
from “Anthems For A Stateless Nation”
“Moan All Night” (play)
(Silence Breaks)

Professor Del Teaches “Heavy 101”

Del The Funky Homosapien has been one of my favorite recording artists (notice I didn’t qualify that with a genre) since “Virus” on that Deltron 3030 album. If you sleepted on that, you must proceed here for processing. So freakin’ brilliant. But I digress. Here’s Del again in top form, continuing further edification in “Heavy 101.”

Del The Funky Homosapien – “Heavy 101” (mp3 link expired)

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Buy the whole digital album from for $3 or more. Yep, pick your price, is the deal, which is as forward thinking as the material. Sleep not lest ye be slept.

New Fishbone “Crazy Glue” Coming Out Oct. 11

There’s a new Fishbone album coming out on October 11. For those of you who understand the significance of that, let me repeat, there’s a new Fishbone album coming out on October 11. For those of you who do not understand the significance of that, let me repeat, there’s a new Fishbone album coming out on October 11. Here’s a pre-release single, “Crazy Glue” that sticks to you like crazy glue. It’s classic Fishbone. Musically brilliant, lyrically fearless, beautiful, absurd, a little frightening, quite fun, and barking mad.

“Crazy Glue” (download mp3)
from “Crazy Glue”
“Crazy Glue” (play)
(Cockroach Media)
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Restiform Bodies Straddle The Great Cosmic Commercial Break

Nuther one from the old mp34u vaults. Restiform Bodies are a trip and a half running rampant in an old school game show set. You know the one, where a studio tanned blonde with ten miles of white teeth snakes her arms toward one of three stages as the announcer bellows, “a new car!” and the APPLAUSE light elicits cheers and oohs and aahs. Them were good innocent days, where cars and napalm was made in America and “tea party” meant a gathering of nice ladies with poodles. “Bobby Trendy Addendum,” ladies and gents. This are some fuktup sh!t.

Restiform Bodies
“Bobby Trendy Addendum” (download mp3)
from “TV Loves You Back”
“Bobby Trendy Addendum” (play)
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Black Liquorice Hits Critical Mass

From the vaults, pulled up by my friend Dan over at SFMusicSluts, here’s Critical Mass – one of the wackier ska punky bands from the ever so wacky “third wave” o’ punky ska. Led by tenor sax man Michael Valladares – now proud owner of the bestest watering hole on that strange planet of East Bay, California, ye olde Hotsy Totsy – CM brought metal madness and cartoon music to bear on their special ska brew, here expressed as an epic instrumental.

Critical Mass – “Black Liquorice” (Play this puppeh)

Critical Mass – “Black Liquorice” (Download this puppeh)

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Ian Moore & The Lossy Coils Raid Secondhand Store

The mySpoonful list is a great source of musical treats and surprises. Today they sent this most rockin’ track from Ian Moore and the Lossy Coils. Reminds me of The Smithereens – with a bit of Urge Overkill in the soup. This is basically what The Jam would sound like if they came from Austin, TX or Seattle, WA. Very snappy moddy power pop for your medicines. Loved it first time thru, and it’s def one of those tunes that gets better on repeated listenings. Ian Moore’s bio page is a lot of fun too.

“Secondhand Store” (Play this puppy)
“Secondhand Store” (Download from mySpoonful)
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The Ladybug Transistor Is “Always On The Telephone” And So Can You

More Ladybug Transistor. What a delicious sound these guys make. And what’s not to love about a band whose name evokes the fact that old school electronic transistors resemble ladybugs? What is cuter than a ladybug? This track is purty. I was on the train the other day and noticed that every single passenger was using their little i-Thingys. Then I noticed I was too. Always on the telephone. We need like, a volcano or aliens or something.

The Ladybug Transistor
“Always On The Telephone” (download mp3)
from “Can’t Wait Another Day”
“Always On The Telephone” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)
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Big Pauper Considers Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers

This track by Big Pauper is an appalling display of digital culture-rape. I like it. I like the title. I like the artist name. I like certain artifacts of the collapse of civilization as we know it. I like picking up bits of the past and flinging them into a new context. Not filed under “pop.”

Big Pauper
“The Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers” (download mp3)
from “Beyond My Means”
(Circle Into Square Records)
“The Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers” (play)
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Vagabond Skills’ “Too Much Interference” Comes Through Clear

Belligerent brain butter. Vagabond Skills indeed. An observation from the grime between the slabs of civilization. Echoes of Tricky. Seething tribal tribulation with troubling tree smoking terrible terrificness. Drink some water.

Vagabond Skills
“Too Much Interference” (download mp3)
from “The Evasive Pages Vol.1”
(Alternative Blueprint)
“Too Much Interference” (play)
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