Amy Allison’s dreamy walk down “Sheffield Streets”

Amy Allison – “Why Must It Be”

“What’s all this about walking on air?” asks Amy Allison in her quietly stunning revelation about love, “Why Must It Be?” Allison’s unique voice and unpretentious melodic inventions have brought her recognition amongst country pop aficionados, including Dave Allen and Elvis Costello – both of whom collaborated on her latest full-length of original material. The musical combo is top notch, the production simple yet tastefully inventive. Unexpected fat sax section parts sit beautifully atop a sultry swing country drum shuffle, all of it providing spotless accompaniment for the song’s nakedly honest lyrics. GR8 work, as pretty as it is real.

Amy Allison
“Why Must It Be?” (mp3)
from “Sheffield Streets”
(Urban Myth)

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