Alonzo Yancey – “Everybody’s Rag” (mp3/video)

Alonzo Yancey – “Everybody’s Rag” (mp3)

Ragtime is known as the music “that came from the people and then got lost,” mostly because jazz stole its thunder as it captured the public’s attention after 1917. Essentially piano music, ragtime showcases the genius of skilled pianists including Alonzo Yancey. Not much is known about Yancey, except that he was the lesser known of the Yancey brothers and he was raised in Chicago. “Everybody’s Rag” recorded in 1943, exhibits the epitome of this mischievous genre which brings to mind classic silent films a la Charlie Chaplin. Yancey serves his piano straight up, as one can only imagine the skill it takes to move your fingers as fast as the melody requires.