In 2009, I started a blog dedicated to all the gr8 music I kept finding online. Curiosity became obsession, and I made myself a promise: if I can find one worthy song a day – one that really passes my own subjective test of whether it’s fkn the sh!t or not – then I’ll post it! And if I can’t find one, I wont. A year passed and by December 31, 2009, I had posted 365 great free legal promotracks in superfan2009.com. Most of this is stuff released in the last ten years. Most of it is on indie labels. A lot of it is from artists, labels and producers you’ve probably never heard of. And it kicks the stuffing out of all the BS that the hobbling remnants of the mainstream music industry spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a day trying to convince you to accept. Ahem.

So, in 2010 I did it again. With the same promise. This time with a little help from my friends. Several of my musician buddies are budding music bloggers themselves, and they sent me tips sometimes, to songs they found they thought I’d like. They were often right. Makes my job a little easier – you cannot begin to know how many lame songs I have listened to to get to the good ones! No, Dorothy, not every free legal promotrack by every band in the world is worth your time! But again, by the end of the year, there were 365 really excellent tracks posted in superfan2010.com. On Dec. 31 I made a page called “Classics” with a ten song set of faves from the whole year. I did the same, at the end of 2009. Here are those pages for your enjoyment:

Superfan2010 Classics
Superfan2009 Classics

And I’m off and running for 2011. With tips from Subverse, Matthew King Kaufman, Band Geek, Din and a few other wonderful cats I will link to soon. Thanks, for helping me with this musical labor of love. Also big props to IODA Promonet, a superb aggregator of digital releases from some of the best music labels in the world, where I find a lot of this stuff. And cheers to my friends at Mog and MMN, who rock mieces to pieces, and have a big furry van.


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