A MAVRIK lives up to its name

MAVRIK – “Lets Live”

Oakland, CA’s dynamic duo of Loren “Tallswest” Tolman and Yohannes Skoda, collectively known as MAVRIK, have become a respected force in the exceedingly cre8ive San Francisco Bay Area hip-hop scene. Drawing heavily from their roots in the East Coast, Kenya and India, MAVRIK’s music is refreshingly original, with as much care put into the instrumental arrangements as to the beats and vocals. The lyrics are worldly and conscious, touching on some of the heavy issues that plague humanity, but opting for a courageous and positive tone rather than the apocalyptic resignation often favored when this sort of subject matter is tackled. This particular song is more of a party track than some of their more topical material, but it is shot through with their uplifting message of personal liberation and community solidarity. Oh, and it totally f’ing rocks the dancehall.

“Let’s Live” (mp3)
from “About Face”
(SKOMAN Productions LLC)

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