A Clean Cut American Kid of Ill Repute

Ill Repute – “Clean Cut American Kid” mp3

In a classic piece of early 80’s punk rock, here’s “Clean Cut American Kid” by the perfectly named Ill Repute of sunny Oxnard, CA. Reputedly, they have been ill since 1981, and show no signs of recovery to this day. This anti-anthem was featured by Rodney Bingenheimer on his groundbreaking radio show, and soon became a staple of California hardcore. Closer in tempo and structure to the Ramones and early Clash, this nonetheless displays the more sarcastic attitude favored by SoCal groups of the time like Fear and The Germs. Apart from all that, it’s just a gr8 piece of songwriting, a fun single, and a well captured slice of 1980’s punk rock life.

Ill Repute
“Clean Cut American Kid (Original hit version, first released 1982 Rodney On The Roq Vol III)” (mp3)
from “The Best of Rodney on the ROQ”
(Posh Boy Music)

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